Yulia Tymoshenko: A Major Ukranian Hottie

0411 101618 300x300It’s official, Yulia Tymoshenko is no longer the Prime Minister of the Ukraine. Though I have no idea of her politics or what she did for that country, I do know she is perhaps the hottest leader ever, despite being 50. Maybe it’s the Princess Leia-like hairdo, the blondness, or the lovely face, but whatever it is, she makes Sarah Palin look like Golda Meir. Sorry, no racy photos here (anyone see the ones of Rachel Ray?), but she’s still addicting to look at. This is what angels look like, with the halo to match.

After the Orange Revolution, she became the first female Prime Minister in Ukraine (from Feb. 2005 till Sept. 2005). On Dec. 18, 2007 the Ukrainian parliament elected her as Prime Minister again. She was essentially kicked out on March 4, 2010. Maybe looks aren’t everything. There are more photos of her on her website. (By the way, her daughter, Yevhenia Tymoshenko, is hot, too.)