Yaya Han: Cosplay Master

By Paul Tien

Photographer: Paul Tien

Yaya Han is a costume designer, model and cosplayer who was born in China and raised in both Asia and Europe. Yaya has been creating full costumes and fashion pieces in the United States for the past 11 years, and has evolved her passionate hobby into a loving craft and career.

Miss Han takes looks it should not be possible for a non-cartoon to pull off and totally owns them. Among the completely unrealistic cartoon characters Yaya Han conveys flawlessly is Jessica Rabbit herself:

LJinto Jessica

Photographer: Ljinto

Jay Tablante

Producer: Jay Tablante

 And the notorious Powergirl:

By Brian Boling

Photographer: Bryan Boling

Also consider her portrayals of characters from the game series Final Fantasy. They’re enough to make you want her to be cast in a live action adaptation of it. I mean, playing every single part, including Cloud, Sepiroth, and that little white thing.

Ng Master

Photographer: NG-Master


Photographer: Ljinto

By Meg Hanson

Photographer: Meg Hanson

Then there’s her portrayal of Selina Kyle, which manages the near impossible task of making you want to see that 2004 movie remade just on the slim hope they’ll give her the part. Hell, she couldn’t phone it in any more than Halle Berry did.

 Judy Green again

catwoman by JLinto

Photographer: Judy Green

sirens5 560x327

sirens4 by Ljinto

sirens by Judy Green

Photographer: LJinto

So if you want more quality Yaya Han content, stop by yayahan.com or check out yayacosplay.deviantart.com. You’ll probably want to check out her 2014 calendar.