Which Sex in the City Chick Would You Do?

sexinthecityAs we’ve all heard, Sex in the City 2 is coming out. And like before, no heterosexual man will go to see it, unless he’s trying to impress a date. Anyway, to get in the spirit of things, let’s ask the classic question, who would you do? Keep in mind, these women are in their forties (I think Samantha is in her fifties), and totally dried up.

First, the nominees:

Carrie Bradshaw

carrie1 219x300Pros: She’s kinda hot.

Cons: This is how South Park draws her:

south park sarah jessica parker 200x300

Miranda Hobbes

ugly miranda 225x300Pros: It’s scientifically proven that redheads have the most sex.

Cons: In real life, she’s a lesbian so probably won’t be all that into it.

Charlotte York

charlotte york goldenblatt 200x300Pros: Definitely hot.

Cons: She’ll want to marry you.

Samantha Jones

IpersonaggidiSexandthecitySamanthaJones2 240x300Pros: She’ll definitely do it

Cons: It would be like swinging a bat in a garage.

Poll bonus: You can vote for multiple!

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