Which Hottie Would You Date?

Megan 560x412The world is full of hot women. There’s no question about that. And as guys, we’re constantly on the search for hot chicks. Sure, 99.9% will never land a world-class hottie. But put on your thinking cap and just wonder: What if…

Name your scenario. What if you were driving down a dangerously wet road at 3 a.m. and rescued Scarlett Johannson from danger. What if you were browsing the online dating scene and caught Angelina Jolie just wanting a “normal” relationship for once.

Yeah, it’s all fantasy. Don’t sweat it if it’ll never happen. Just ask the question. If you could pick from these five hotties below, which would you choose? We’ve provided a bit of variety here for your viewing and voting pleasure.

naked kim kardashian 560x327

Kim Kardashian

One might think Kim’s popularity would have faded by now. But one would be wrong. After a Playboy shoot, a successful reality TV show and yet another high-profile romance with a football player—the Dallas Cowboys’ Miles Austin—Kim’s back on the charts and absolutely tearing Google up in the rankings.

There are no secrets with Kim. After she went Paris Hilton on the Web and put her talents on full display, guys went nuts over this seemingly easy broad. Sure. She’s not the type of chick you’d find through online dating to take home to mom. She’s out and about and probably won’t date without clout.

But would you if you could? That’s the question.

lady gaga 560x271Lady Gaga

With the quirky outfits, Jim Morrison-like life logic and more rumors floating around about her sexual makeup than a pre-out Clay Aiken, Lady Gaga isn’t on everyone’s hot list. But damn. Do you see her?

Gaga’s all woman. Believe that. Born Stefani Germanotta, Gaga has it in all the right places and always manages to turn heads. Guys probably wouldn’t want to go out on the town with the weirdest chick in 57 countries. And lord knows nobody wants to hear her ramble on about turtle soup and bubble wrap.

Hooking up with her, however, is another matter entirely. Gaga is smokin’.

Kristen Stewart 560x231Kristen Stewart

Kristen’s hotness factor is totally subjective. That’s understandable. On one hand, she’s got this wholesome look about her, giving the girl-next-door vibe. On the other hand, she’s the only chick on the planet guys want to watch in a ménage with a vampire and a werewolf.

Evidently, a lot of guys around must feel that Kristen is sexy for some reason(s). She’s one of the hottest searches going right now, and everybody’s hoping she makes the leap from “tweener” romance movies into some legit rated-R top-off flicks, ala Halle Berry.

If she’s your pick out of the five, don’t feel left out. She might be the moped of this list—fun to ride until your friends see you—but there’s something undeniably sexy about Stewart.

Megan Fox 560x274

Megan Fox

You really don’t need to say very much about Megan Fox. Other than some weird short toe-thumbs she has because it’s illegal to be perfect, Fox is about as hot as hot gets. And one factor making her hotter than all others: she’s actually marrying the nerd from 90210 – Brian Austin Green.

This signals to guys that they have a shot. And this makes Megan more desirable than about 3 billion other women on the planet (that’s as literal as it reads).

Her current relationship isn’t going anywhere. She and the douche from early ‘90s teen TV have been on-again, off-again from the start. So it’s only a matter of time before Megan’s looking again. Yeah, she’ll avoid popular dating sites, most likely, but would you date her if given the chance?

Eva Mendes 560x274Eva Mendes

When Training Day first showed us the goods, we all started paying attention to Eva. And when her Fast and Furious bikini scene made us drool, she had us reeled in! In the past few years, though, Mendes was falling off in popularity. But thanks to her role in the new Will Ferrell movie, Eva’s back on the hot list again.

And can you blame anyone for thinking Eva’s one of the hottest chicks on the planet? Who wouldn’t want to wake up beside this chick and eat leftover fish tacos after working up a sweat every day?

Your chances of dating one of these hotties is very slim, but not as slim as your chances of dating more than one of them. So for this poll, you can only select one.

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