The Wenches of Pirates and Pirates II

Pirates Porn 03 560x420To celebrate “Talk Like a Pirate Day”, we were on the lookout for some sexy pirate booty to share with our audience. We quickly realized that the hottest pirate images on the web all seem to be related to the pornographic equivalent to Pirates of the Caribbean, Pirates, and Pirates 2. Directed by Ali Davoudian who is better known as Joone, Pirates came out in 2006 and was highly successful. If you happen to be the type of guy who likes his pornography with a plot and a token attempt at acting, I guess you may want to check these flicks out, which are even available in a Rated ARRR version :

Pirates Porn 01 210x300 Pirates Porn 02 210x300
There are some obvious parallels to the Captain Jack Sparrow saga in that cover art above, so we’ll guess the plot draws similar cues from the Disney films. But you didn’t come here for us to dissect the plot of a porno movie, you came to check out the photos. So below we present the promotional photos from Pirates and Pirates II, some of the highest quality sexy pirate images you’ll find on the web. So get prepared to swab the deck, hoist the main sail, raid the pirate booty, and any other sexual pirate pun you can think of :