The Ladies of National Waitresses Day

Waitress Day 54 e1369021060988 560x393Most people tell stories of their worst experiences at a restaurant. They hardly ever mention the great stories or the waitresses that went that extra mile to make their evening a little more enjoyable. It is human nature to complain. It is part of our makeup.

Tilted Kilt Bagpipe 30 Sec Spot304But today, May 21st, is National Waitresses Day. Stop being so damn negative and have a little fun today. Go to a restaurant and enjoy the service for a change. Try and remove yourself from the norm and give a few extra bucks to your waitress. Seriously, it is her day.

In honor of National Waitress Day, we have put together a gallery that would make even the most frugal among us tip happy. These are the sexiest servers from our favorite Breastaurants. Enjoy.