Jenny McCarthy : The View’s Newest

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According to, Jenny McCarthy is less interesting to viewers than the wicked witch of the North, Elisabeth Hasselbeck. They reported a few weeks ago that she isn’t that popular and fans of “The View” turn off the show when she starts talking.

Well speak for yourselves, we love her. Although we admit that we normally have the TV on mute. Jenny McCarthy is about as amazing as bacon flavored ice cream being served to you by Jenny McCarthy in a bikini. She is so incredible that we couldn’t come up with an analogy that didn’t use her in a bikini.

But we didn’t come here to discuss table linens and book covers, we came here to celebrate Jenny’s 41st birthday with a collection of her best and sexiest work. If it’s not clear, her best work has been posing for photographs, not sitting in a chair commenting on Hot Topics, and we have 80 photos to prove it.