Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Models Power Ranking – 2009

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December 1st is a great day. It’s a day that network television sanctions having beautiful women prance about in their underwear. That’s a winner all around. CBS will have the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show at 10 p.m. Eastern, which features many of the world’s hottest models. Heidi Klum will host, only six weeks removed from the birth of her fourth child, with the Black Eyed Peas providing some music.

If you really care, this year’s themes are Star Trooper, All Aboard, Pink Planet, Enchanted Forest, and Romantic Journey. But what you really want are pictures of the ladies. And just like last year, we here at Gunaxin will provide you with a power ranking of all 36 models. That’s right, there are 36 models in all, the 35 scheduled girls plus a surprise modeling appearance by host Heidi Klum. Sadly, not all the big names were participating. Adriana Lima, who gave birth recently, sat this one out. As did long time Angel Karolína Kurková, also out on maternity leave. But a host of ladies managed to fill the void.

Here are the rankings, from worst (relatively) to first:

Kylie Bisutti 166x300

36. Kylie Bisutti

Does she really rank last? Not so much. Bisutti is an adventure-seeking 19-year-old who is competing in Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Model Search Finalist with Jamie Lee Darley. You, the anonymous people of the Internet, get to vote which one makes the show. Without a guaranteed spot, they rank at the bottom for now.

jamielee beach 300x180

35. Jamie Lee Darley

British-born Jamie Lee is a self-confessed “boy’s girl” who became an expert at tiling bathroom floors. Want to help her win the coveted Victoria’s Secret Model search? Just cast your vote.

Anastasia Kusnetsova 2 219x300

34. Anastasia Kusnetsova

There may be five or six models with the same last name, but this Kusnetsova is a newer face with her strawberry blonde looks.

Dorothea Barth Jorgensen 2 243x300

33. Dorothea Barth Jorgensen

Jorgensen won Elite’s model look contest which opened up a different world of travel and interesting people.

Eniko Mihalik 3 210x300

32. Enikő Mihalik

Who says nothing good ever comes out of Hungary? Mihalik loves playing board games, watching cartoons, and eating Hungarian foods, sushi, and bagels. She also sleeps with a teddy bear named Bubu.

Elyse Taylor 2 233x300

31. Elyse Taylor

The Australian model is the third Aussie in this show, joining Miranda Kerr and Abbey-Lee Kershaw on the catwalk.

Lily Aldridge 1 212x300

30. Lily Aldridge

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon? Aldridge is the little sister of model-turned-actress Saffron Burrows, who can somehow be linked to Kevin Bacon. I’m not doing the work to figure out how.

Caroline Winberg 2 217x300

29. Caroline Winberg

Modeling and Sweden go hand in hand. Winberg and modeling, not so much. The slef proclaimed tomboy and aspiring professional soccer player turned to a career in modeling upon her discovery.

Anja Rubik 2 221x300

28. Anja Rubik

The Polish model has followed through on a childhood dream of modeling. If you need to know more info on her, she’s an avid scuba diver and loves to travel

Abbey Lee Kershaw 5 261x300

27. Abbey Lee Kershaw

Abbey Lee Kershaw, also known as Abbey Lee, is an Australian fashion model currently ranked equal 13th on the Top 50 Models Women list by

Caroline Trentini 4 300x237

26. Caroline Trentini

Trentini was born into a family of devout Brazilian Roman Catholics. She remains true to her religion, attending mass regularly and not smoking or drinking. She reportedly does not attend parties often, which probably conflicts with the modeling lifestyle.

Aminata Niaria 1 226x300

25. Aminata Niaria

The Senegalese beauty was just recently discovered in 2006 and has made a quick rise to the top of the fashion world.

Selita Ebanks 7 300x233

24. Selita Ebanks

Selita was dropped as Victoria’s Secret Angel from in 2009, but the Cayman Islands beauty still brings the hotness.

Julia Stegner 1 216x300

23. Julia Stegner

The German model earned the nickname “Beanpole” because of her towering height, and also led to an interest in basketball. Modeling apparently won out over the WNBA, in part because she was discovered while celebrating Oktoberfest in her hometown.

Lindsay Ellingson 1 208x300

22. Lindsay Ellingson

A true California girl and former high school dance team captain.

Edita Vilkeviciute 4 226x300

21. Edita Vilkevičiūtė

She’s from Lithuanian and apparently once rubbed her naked body all over Zac Efron.

Lyndsey Scott 2 217x300

20. Lyndsey Scott

Scott was once just your average Jersey girl, which makes it all the more impressive she’s a model. Nothing good comes from Jersey.

Liu Wen 1 244x300

19. Liu Wen

The good news is you’ll be the first Chinese model in a Victoria’s Secret fashion show. The bad is you’ll have to wear some junkyard scrap. Wen broke some news this week as major sources proclaimed she was the first Asian to appear in the Victoria’ Secret Fashion Show. That was apparently news to Ujjwala Raut, the Indian model who walked in 2002 and 2003. Last I checked, India was located in Asia.

Ana Beatriz Barros 1 187x300

18. Ana Beatriz Barros

The Brazilian supermodel, known for her work with Guess, has the innate ability to make all men’s hearts skip a beat.

Behati Prinsloo 2 202x300

17. Behati Prinsloo

Prinsloo is a Namibian model perhaps best known for her work as spokesmodel for the Victoria’s Secret sub-brand Pink. She’s also an Angel these days, so Victoria’s Secret is putting her to good use.

Erin Heatherton 2 204x300

16. Erin Heatherton

At nearly six feet tall, Heatherton has great legs to go with her lucious lips. She’s gone sans clothing too, and looks great with or without clothing.

Shannan Click 1 223x300

15. Shannon Click

She’s hot, she’s a model, she’s wearing lingerie. Who cares what else there is know about this American?

Sessilee Lopez 2 219x300

14. Sessilee Lopez

Sessilee is American and good-looking, but that apparently doesn’t account for taste. She’s reportedly been spent a lot of time with Kanye West.

Tatiana Kovylina 1 230x300

13. Tatiana Kovylina

She’s Russian and she may just crush you. Kovylina has also appeared in the music video of Duran Duran’s single Falling Down.

Anna Maria Jagodzinska 2 223x300

12. Anna Maria Jagodzińska

The gorgeous Jagodzińska hails from Poland and is making her Fashio Show debut. Something tells me will see plenty more of her.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley 111 221x300

11. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

The British model is even sexier when you hear her voice. If you need sample, we can help provide.

Candice Swanepoel 10 221x300

10. Candice Swanepoel

Candice Swanepoel is a supermodel. No wonder why. The South African was spotted at a flea market at age 15. The rest is history.

Chanel Iman 4 218x300

9. Chanel Iman

With a name like Chanel Iman, could a girl possibly aspire to be anything other than a supermodel? We think not. Good thing it worked out.

Isabeli Fontana 5 224x300

8. Isabeli Fontana

Isabeli is part of the “Brazilian model invasion” of the late 1990s and Victoria’s Secret is just one of her many conquests.

Heidi Klum 3 204x300

7.Heidi Klum

She’s 36 and just recently gave birth, but she still looks pretty damn fine. Need more proof, you can check these images out. The hotness may have provoked the German to impulsively join in the fashion show as host.

Izabel Goulart 1 300x276

6. Izabel Goulart

Izabel Goulart is the kind of woman who populates male fantasies. She’s also the kind of woman you come across when searching the Internet for gals in bikinis. And if that above wasn’t enough, she’s Brazilian so you pretty much know she’s hot.

Miranda Kerr 2 184x300

5. Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr is good at looking all sorts of uber hot, and even decided to show a little more bottom at this year’s show. We’re not complaining. And yes, we have more pictures of the Down Under gal.

Maryna Linchuk 2 273x300

4. Maryna Linchuk

Linchuk is a Belarusian fashion model who used to spell her name Marina until one day she received her passport from the Russian government and found her first name spelled “Maryna.” She has decided to kept it that way ever since. I figure I’ll just show up at her house one day and decides if she wants to keep me.

Doutzen Kroes 7 217x300

3. Doutzen Kroes

The Dutch-Frisian model and one time “Model of The Year” was simply born to sell lingerie. She may have other talents, but this one fits her quite well.

Alessandra Ambrosio 2 300x284

2. Alessandra Ambrosio

If you’re breathing and using the Internet, you know how hot this Brazilian is. I don’t think much more needs to be said. But if you eyes need more candy, we do have more photos.

Marisa Miller 2 213x300

1. Marisa Miller

She topped our list last year, and she got to don the infamous “Multi-million Dollar Bra.” Seriously. The bra pictured above is valued at $3 million, weighs over 150 carats, and is studded with over two thousand white and cognac diamonds. If you need to check out more Miller, we have plenty of other photos too.