Valeria Lukyanova: Barbie Princess

Barbie Doll 27 560x420March 9th is a significant date for any toy collector out there because today marks the 56th birthday of one of the world’s most beloved fashion dolls, Barbie.

It was way back in 1959 when Mattel began manufacturing the doll created by Ruth Handler. What they didn’t expect was that it would become a national icon. Barbie dolls were so popular that women with a desire for replicating the physical features of the doll are said to have Barbie syndrome. That’s a real thing.

Valeria Lukyanova (Facebook) is a beautiful Ukrainian woman who has taken one too many trips to Toys-R-Us. She has had several cosmetic surgeries and enhancements done to her body to turn her into a real life Barbie doll. If you don’t┬ábelieve┬áme, take a look.