Tracy Pendergast : Shark Week Star

Tracy Pendergast Snuffy the Seal 560x315Thanks to some rather hilarious advertising, Snuffy the Seal has become the star of Discovery’s Shark Week. However when we watch that awesome commercial, someone else caught our eye, the cute reporter on the pier :

Tracy Pendergast Glasses 200x300That beautiful on-scene reporter is our friend, Tracy Pendergast (Twitter), and we’re so excited to see her on television nearly every commercial break during Shark Week. Tracy is an actress and former model, and was one of our fellow competitors in Capture the Crown. She’s also appeared recently on TV shows like Girl Code, The Mindy Project, and Mystery Diners.

Tracy actually hopes to find some time between gigs to contribute here at Gunaxin, so show her some love if you’d like to see her join the team. Here is a gallery including 40 of her best photos, because we knew you were going to ask…