Top Ten New Year’s Babes

Tanya Robinson 560x280A lot of famous people were born on New Year’s day; people like Paul Revere and J. Edgar Hoover for instance. But January 1st is supposed to be a time for us to throw out the old ugly stuff like yesterday’s Christmas leftovers and ring in the new year with some beautiful women. To this end we present you with the ten hottest babes ever born on New Year’s Day.

10) Catalina Guirado

We have no idea if Catalina has any children, but if she does she would definitely qualify as a M.I.L.F. The English actress was giving young men everywhere things to think about in magazines as a model before making her way into T.V. and music.

catalina 01Catalina Guirado

9) Julie Henderson

Julie is a model who was “discovered” while in modeling school. To us this is like saying you “discovered” food while at a grocery store but we won’t hold it against her.

julie henderson04Julie Henderson 20090316032205julie henderson

8) Bobbi Luther

Is there anything hotter than chicks with guy’s names? No? Is it just us? That is besides the point, which is that the former host of Junk Yard Wars is hot enough to create a war in our junk yard.


The irony of her last name being Luthor is overshadowed by her boner inspiring looks.

bobbisuebigbobbie sue luther picture 1

7) Elin Nordegren

That’s right, the former Mrs. Tiger Woods, was a New Year’s baby. We have no idea what Tiger was thinking to be straying away from such hotness. All we know is that she can play with our woods any time.

tiger wife4nordegrenElin Nordegren Picture 7

6) Soni Malaj

Soni is an Albanian singer and while we are bigger fans of Lithuanian music than Albanian we’ll make an exception in her case . With her exotic look we don’t even care if her songs contain lyrics as painful as: “If we are not alive anymore, write me even underground, I am yours”. Although we admit something might have gotten lost in the translation from Albanian.

SoniMalajoct02 560x506Soni malaj3soni malaj

5) Kelly Wenham

Kelly is a British actress who has appeared on British T.V. She tried acting school for a few months but decided it probably wasn’t really necessary after landing a regular role on a show. We’ve never seen the show but we imagine her character was a hot bartender or hot nurse, or hot flight attendant, something along those lines.

kelly wenham 001 560x368Kelly Wenham sep2k2 FHM2 560x825kelly wenham 1 560x446

4) Teresa De Klerk

Teresa is a professional model from South Africa. Amazingly, this was pretty much all we were able to find out about her. This means she is basically known for being really awesome to look at. Works for us.

teresa 560x368Teresa de Klerk i126036Teresa de Klerk i126041 small

3) Tanya Robinson

Tanya is a model from England who recently branched out into music. She was on FHM’s Top 100 hottest girls on the planet list a few times. Now that she has made our list, all those prior awards are pretty much meaningless.

tanya robinson 01tanyatanya robinson resimleri 334144186 buyuk

2) Fernanda Motta

Fernanda is a Brazilian model who was discovered on a beach when she was 16 by a model scout, which is apparently a license to oogle underage girls. She was also named one of the 25 hottest models in the world by which means people who spend all day looking at hot women for a living think that she is something special.

fernanda motta 06 6129fernanda motta 08Fernanda Motta

1) Siobhan Parekh

Siobhan is an Australian model who won FHM’s “Girl next Door” contest. We think this is total B.S., not because she is not hot but because because no one this awesome has ever lived next door to any of us.

350x467 siobhan parekh 49805259b086dsiobhan parekh 3siobhan parekh 4 560x746