Top Ten New Sexy Halloween Costumes


Halloween is almost upon us and everyone is getting ready to trick or treat. While most people’s thoughts turn to candy, guys everywhere know that the real treat to Halloween is the costumes women are wearing. Women, from the normally prim and proper type to the wild ones, take advantage of the holiday to dress in the sexiest, sluttiest, most revealing costumes they can find. While the classic costumes can still bring the heat there is a new generation of slutty costumes making their presence known.



sexy steampunk

Sometimes even geek girls like to sex it up, and the steampunk look has given them a way to show off the goods while still maintaining nerd street cred.



avatargirl 560x420

Blue body paint and some strategic beads make this a popular new costume. Sadly, only really sexy if you go for giant blue cats.


Hermione Granger


Ever since Lindsay Lohan sported this look in an SNL skit, the Harry Potter ingenue has become the updated version of the schoolgirl costume.


Fanta Girls

fanta girls

The best part of this costume is when you see a sexy girl in one of them, you know there are a couple more wandering around the party too.


Nearly Nothing


A costume for the lazy and self assured, this sexy look just requires covering the naughty bits with some random item. Whether condoms like the girls above, caution tape or bumper stickers, this is less a costume and more an advertisement.




Considering that most of this generations college students were born nearly a decade after the original movie came out, it’s amazing that the simple jumpsuit of the Ghostbusters is a hot costume these days.


Male Superhero

Robin Costume

Whether it’s the form fitting nature of the costume or the recent string of hit superhero movies, women these days have stretched beyond the traditional Wonder Woman/Supergirl costumes and have appropriated everyone from Green Lantern to Robin.


Body Paint

body paint

While the Avatar girls have taken nearly-nude to the mainstream, there is something to be said for simplicity. Take a pretty girl, toss a little paint on her, and voila, it’s a costume.


Disney Princesses


Long the costume of choice for children and good girls, the Disney Princess has gotten a makeover in recent years. The skirts have gotten shorter, the tops have gotten lower and well, things have just gotten better.


Sexy Zombie


Arguably the most versatile of the new sexy costumes, a little zombie makeup and fake blood can make any other slutty costume into this new favorite. Check out this gallery over at COED Magazine for Tons of Sexy Zombies.