Top Ten Hottest Canadian Babes

pamela anderson mounties canadaCanada has given the world many gifts. From hockey, Degrassi, BC bud, and Steve Nash, there’s something for everyone being exported from America’s friendly neighbor to the north. While they did irresponsibly unleash Justin Bieber onto an unprepared world, they’ve more than made up for that by also providing a birthplace to the following comely lasses of virtue true, AKA hot chicks.


Natasha Henstridge
Springdale, Newfoundland

Natasha Henstridge 300x231

Known For: Species, The Whole Nine Yards

If you’re going to make a sexy alien killing machine, may as well do it with style.


Trish Stratus
Richmond Hill, Ontario

trish stratus 211x300

Known For: Three-time WWE Babe of the Year

Nothing wrong with a woman that knows how to wrestle someone to the ground and handle a belt.


Avril Lavigne
Belleville, Ontario

Avril Lavigne 227x300

Known For: Singer-songwriter, loves “Sk8er Bois”

Now that she’s ditched the neckties and her Sum 41 husband, people have been more willing to take notice of her assets.


Evangeline Lilly
Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta

Evangeline Lilly 188x300

Known For: Lost, The Hurt Locker

Now that she’s done dating a hobbit, hopefully she’s ready to tackle someone her own size.


Pamela Anderson
Ladysmith, British Columbia

pamela anderson 226x300

Known For: Baywatch, various home movies

Pamela Anderson isn’t going away anytime soon, and as long as she keeps getting naked for charity, neither is PETA.


Rachel McAdams
London, Ontario

rachel mcadams 243x300

Known For: Wedding Crashers, Mean Girls

After making a movie with Rob Schneider, McAdams has beaten the odds and shown that she can handle a variety of genres and has what it takes to remain in this business for quite some time.


Vanessa Blouin
Laval, Quebec

Vanessa Blouin 230x300

Known For: Miss Hawaiian Tropic Canada, first Canadian supermodel to be featured on

Although Canadian supermodel fame doesn’t carry as much as it once did, Blouin has been gaining quite a bit of notoriety as of late and we’ll see much more of her in the future. We hope.


Anna Paquin
Winnipeg, Manitoba

anna paquin 231x300

Known For: True Blood, X-Men films

Although her take on Rogue wasn’t anything to write home about, Paquin has taught us that all it takes to get a second chance in Hollywood is an admission of bisexuality and the exposure of your breasts.


Emmanuelle Chriqui
Montreal, Quebec

Emmanuelle Chriqui 223x300

Known For: Entourage, You Don’t Mess with the Zohan

Another notch on Kevin Connolly’s “fictional girlfriend that’s way too hot for me” post, Chriqui earns quite a bit of credit for making that relationship semi-believable.


Elisha Cuthbert
Calgary, Alberta

elisha cuthbert 209x300

Known For: The Girl Next Door, 24

Everyone’s favorite puck bunny, Cuthbert’s track record of hockey stars is currently focused on Dion Phaneuf of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Considering he’s not going to win a cup anytime soon, he should be pretty proud of the blonde trophy he did end up with.