Top Ten Classic Sexy Halloween Costumes


Halloween is almost upon us and everyone is getting ready to trick or treat. While most people’s thoughts turn to candy, guys everywhere know that the real treat to Halloween is the costumes women are wearing. Women, from the normally prim and proper type to the wild ones, take advantage of the holiday to dress in the sexiest, sluttiest, most revealing costumes they can find. We’ve previously offered up a full gallery of the sexy costumes, but today we’re going to go in a bit more detail, by looking at the ten best types of classic sexy costumes.

1) Schoolgirl

A decade ago Brittney Spears perfected this look, but it’s the all time classic sexy costume. A short plaid skirt, white shirt and knee socks make this one both easy and timeless.

sexy halloween costumes

2) French Maid

A short black skirt, a touch of lace and a feather duster, it might be time to go unmake the bed.

french maid

3) Devil

Skin tight red body body suit and a pair of horns make you willing to be a bad boy.

devil 300x199

4) Angel

A short white dress, halo and a pair of wings make being good an appealing option as well.


5) Cheerleader

Two, four, six, eight, we think this outfit’s really great!

cheerleaders 560x420

6) Cowgirl

There are few women that don’t look better in a cowboy hat and boots. Toss in a pair of cutoffs and tied up shirt and YEEHAW!

cowgirl 560x475

7) Pirate Wench / Beer Maiden

Two favorites among the ladies with a few extra pounds, the peasant blouse is pretty forgiving while showing off the assets. If she comes with her own beer or rum so much the better.

beer wench

8) Lingerie

Also hot, but this one gets knocked down a few notches for a lack of originality. On the plus side, it’s always good to know which of you female friends has a freaky side.

lingerie 560x420

9) Nurse / Candy Striper



10) Kitty / Bunny

Add a pair of ears and a tail to anything from a dress to lingerie and you have a cute little critter of your own. Prepare for heavy petting.