The Ultimate Spike Girl

Spike Banner1The good folks at Spike are hosting a contest to name “The Ultimate Spike Girl”. They have 50 contestants on their website, from all different backgrounds, and you get to select the winner! Each of the ladies is featured with photos and a video, which are integral to your decision making process. You will even see some names that you recognize, like Jessica Burciaga.

There are millions of beautiful women in the world, but it takes a special kind of woman to be a Spike Girl. Being gorgeous isn’t enough. These special ladies have to love what Spike fans love: Games, gadgets, sports, music, movies–if they’re not interested then neither is Spike TV. So Spike started the exhaustive search for the perfect 10.

Here are the details on the voting :

Monday, September 14:
First round voting ends.
The Top 10 Girls are Announced.
Second round voting begins.

Wednesday, September 30:
Second round voting ends.

Thursday, October 1:
The Ultimate SPIKE Girl 2009 is crowned on SPIKE TV at 11PM.

So here is a gallery of photos we stole from their website in order to help introduce you to the contestants. For much more, definitely head over to the official Ultimate Spike Girl website.