The Self-Shot Babes

sexy girl self photo shoot 13 202x300It’s the Internet, so you know everything is out there. That includes plenty of photos of girls taking pictures of themselves. MySpace, Flickr, wherever.  And the sexier (and skimpier) the better. You know they do it to show you how beautiful they are. Either that or they’re trying to break into amateur porn. I’m not complaining either way. Besides, I think this girl would be good at whatever she chooses to do. She’s got, how shall I say…talent. Yeah, that’s it.

With that concept in your mind and to help you kill some time during the day, here are a selection of self-shot babes and mirror shots for your perusal. It’s a game of one-upmanship (upwomanship?) to see who can take the sexiest picture. May the best lady win. Just make sure this doesn’t involve some sort or arrest for sexting. We don’t want to ruin a good thing, as it’s all in good fun!