The Ladies Of Friday The 13th


If it’s one thing you can set your watch to while enjoying a few flicks from the vast Friday the 13th library, it’s that the women within a mile radius of Jason are going to get slaughtered. And hell, even in a few cases, in completely different time zones! Just as you know that Mr. Voorhees is going to turn any given yard, woodshed, garden, or kitchen tool into an instrument of death, it nearly goes without saying that being a lovely lady guarantees you your toe tag.

Oh sure, he whacks his fair share of the fellas, too, but there’s just something so inherently wrong with seeing a gorgeous, statuesque female who is otherwise as innocent as a kitten getting a hatchet to the skull. So, as it turns out, there have been a mess of women throughout the Jason films (including Freddy Vs. Jason, we’re talking 12) and each is shuffled this mortal coil in her own, special way by the hockey-masked menace. So sit back and check out the Ladies of Friday the 13th. Oh, and needless to say, the following pics and clips may contain violence and hints of nudity, the Horror!