The LA Kings Ice Girls

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In honor of their 1st round playoff series versus the San Jose Sharks that starts tonight, we figured it was a good time to show you the LA Kings Ice Girls. Well, that and the fact that their feature producer has been persistently emailing us since February. They are technically called the LA Kings Ice Crew, because there are some dudes on the squad, but we’re going to do our best not to show you them. They produced an entire series of videos of their calendar shoot, one for each girl, but we’ll just start you with the behind the scenes action :

It used to be a few years ago, when we wanted to put together a photo gallery of Ice Girls, that we wouldn’t have much quality material to work with. That is apparently no longer the case in the Web 2.0 days. Thanks to, and the Ice Crew’s Facebook Page, we have more than enough images to get you excited :