The Gorgeous Teresa Baranowski

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Long before her position here at Gunaxin where she is currently the writer behind ‘Sexy Eats’, Teresa was often referred to by her stage name, Ryli Morgan. She spent a good portion of her life as an actress appearing in many low-budget movies written and directed by her husband, Mark, such as ‘Sin By Murder’, ‘Runaway Terror’, and ‘Expendable’. You can check out many of her credentials and get a pretty decent read into her life story here on her own IMDB page! How cool is that?  In fact, a while ago (before we became friends), I spent a few minutes asking the ‘Ryli’ side of Teresa the Six Questions. But this time, it’s all about Teresa’s modeling career.

So sit back and enjoy 40 pictures of that stunning lady who now works for us… oh yeah.