The Babes of the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is just a couple of short days away, and while I am sure the action on the field will be compelling, here at Gunaxin we have something else on our minds. I can’t help but notice when I look around the internet, that although women don’t compete in the Super Bowl, they sure are integral to the event. In order to prove this to you, allow me to present, The Babes of the Super Bowl.

arizona cardinals girls 31

Hot Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders (Gunaxin)

With no competition, they will definitely be the sexiest cheerleaders at the game.

steelers lead

Sexy Fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers (COED Magazine)

They published before us, and for that I am a tad bitter.


…more Sexy Fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers (Gunaxin)

I swear we had this ready to go a few days ago, and we’ve got more photos

Cardinals Cheerleaders vs. Steelers Fans (Angry T)

I could look at these babes all day.


Cardinals WAGs vs. Steelers WAGs (WAG Rankings)

Study up, because there is going to be a Quiz. (The World of Isaac)

Body Painted Babes (Busted Coverage)

We’ve shown a ton of women in Body paint here, but video is another level

tninezsainz 1

Photo Essay of Super Bowl Media Day Hotties (The World of Isaac)

What exactly is she looking to measure?

The 10 Sexiest Super Bowl Commercial Babes of All Time (Manofest)

I guess the PETA girls won’t be joining them

lingerie football leagueLingerie Bowl Preview (InGameNow)

The game was canceled, but I doubt that will prevent you from clicking the link.


The Most Stripperific Super Bowl Ever (With Leather)

…something witty about plundering the booty.


Jenn Sterger at the Superbowl (Busted Coverage)

…a Gunaxin favorite for sure, more Jenn Sterger for our collection.

Have we missed anything? Let us know if you have a link to add to the Babes of the 2009 Super Bowl. Check out AskMen for more Manly Coverage of the Super Bowl.