Ten Classic Nerd Queens Over 40

Classic Queen BannerIn a recent article of the Nerd Queens of Today, Gunaxin looked at the various gals that the geek in all of us can’t seem to get enough of. These ladies all deserve recognition, but what about the women of yore who paved the path of nerd worship out of dirty white tank tops and nice legs? Of these classic dames of questionable virtue, who was the most influential? In order to answer these important questions, those of us at Gunaxin present a poll of the following candidates, allowing our fine readership to determine which woman most deserves the title of “Classic Nerd Queen”.

Carrie Fisher (53)
Princess Leia, Hottest Slave Ever

Carrie Fisher 300x225

She may be every nerd’s favorite princess, but this gal is queen in everyone’s hearts. The abundance of girls in slave Leia outfits at Star Wars conventions should be enough for every red-blooded male to issue a personal “thank you”.

Lynda Carter (59)
Wonder Woman, Got to Love a Gal Into Bondage

Lynda Carter 300x242

It takes a lot to make a comic book character come to life. It takes even more to make her look as good as she does on the page.

Lucy Lawless (42)
Xena, Lesbian Undertones + Leather = Enough Said

Lucy Lawless 300x246

As if Sam Raimi hasn’t done enough for the nerd population. Lawless brought the necessary combination of humor and toughness to one of the most iconic female characters of science fiction/fantasy.

Gillian Anderson (42)
Agent Dana Scully, FBI Special Issue Hottie

Gillian Anderson 220x300

The X-Files meant a lot of things to a lot of people, but Gillian Anderson really made Scully work. The perfect balance to Duchovny’s Mulderness, Anderson showed a restrained sex appeal that didn’t depend on skimpy outfits and allowed her character to maintain her dignity.

Nichelle Nichols (77)
Lieutenant Uhura, Out of This World Legs

Nichelle Nichols 215x300

The first babe to win hearts in unexplored worlds, Nichols paved the way for women and minorities in science-fiction. This accomplishment is all the more impressive for being achieved in a fashionable mini-skirt.

Lindsay Wagner (61)
The Bionic Woman, Calling all Robo-sexuals

Lindsay Wagner 247x300

She might be bionic on paper, but this lady is all woman in our hearts. Plus we’d rather be rescued by her than Steve Austin any day.

Jeri Ryan (42)
Seven of Nine, You’d Assimilate Too

Jeri Ryan 300x240

Accomplishing the feat of making even the Borg seem sexy, Jeri Ryan proved that even cybernetic organisms like curves once in a while.

Linda Hamilton (53)
Sarah Connor, Worth Traveling Time For

Linda Hamilton 300x300

Everyone’s favorite badass mom, Linda Hamilton reminds all of us that behind every leader of human resistance is a lady willing to stab someone in the neck with a syringe.

Sigourney Weaver (60)
Ellen Ripley/Dana Barrett, Taking Applications for Keymaster

Sigourney Weaver 300x271

Whether taking on the Alien queen or getting possessed by beings from another plane of existence, you can’t deny Sigourney Weaver knows her way around many a nerd fantasy.

Amanda Tapping (44)
Samantha Carter, Has the Gateway to Our Hearts

Amanda Tapping 300x230

The Stargate Universe’s ultimate combination of brains, brawn, and boobs, Amanda Tapping has the distinction of portraying a significant science-fiction character for over ten years and managing to stay sexy the entire time.

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