Susana Werner: Wag Watch #21

Susana Werner 21 300x225This week we take a turn down south of the equator towards Brazil, where we find Susana Werner. The Brazilian model and actress has hit Gunaxin before, clocking in at #89 on our Top 100 Footballers’ Wives And Girlfriends rankings. She earned the WAG title in the late 1990s when she had a relationship with Brazilian footballer Ronaldo, bracketing his successful 1998 World Cup and his stopover for Inter Milan. Ronaldo was dumped in 1999, but Werner stayed on the Inter Milan theme, eventually marrying current goalkeeper (and Brazilian national) Júlio César. Werner recently garner some infamy by proclaiming how awesome her husband was and how he’s really a loyal team guy who simply wants tons and tons of money (Note: Translation not included).

Here’s Susana showing off her modeling and gymnastics skills: