Super Sexy Schoolgirls

Megan Fox School Girl Widescreen Wallpaper 560x315Let’s all take a second and think back to when we were all in high school. That’s right, those long and irritating days when our adolescences had just kicked into hyper-drive and nothing could quite get us through those droning and monotonous lectures like staring longingly at hot, hot chicks. Though the lady’s hormones were light years ahead of ours -some even thinking about slinking up to the dads whose children they were babysitting that weekend- and they often wanted nothing more than to just drive us completely insane merely by getting dressed. Something a little like this Axe commercial:

Oh sure, most of us didn’t attend a school where uniform attire was the rule, in fact, I’d wager that no one attended classes where slinky, barely-there (not to mention barely legal) skirts and the like were allowed… but we can sure as shit all dream about it. High school was a time of gnawing desire and unfulfilled Penthouse Forum letters, but, thanks to the internet, it can at least be made up for by glaring at oodles of hot and steamy chicks dolled up in School Girl clothing. So go ahead, pretend you had classes with these kittens.