Stanija Dobrojevic : Serbian Sensation

stanija4 560x300If you thought that all Serbia is famous for is Novak Djokovic and the incredible basketball talent and history they have produced in the past 50 years or so, then you better think about it again. Serbia is undeniably one of the best countries producing women with hot, athletic, killer bodies. Do you need any proof about these claims? Well we have the answer for you and her name is Stanija Dobrojevic.

This extremely hot woman became Serbia’s first Internet star through her ability to take over social media websites. She would later participate in the Serbian version of Survivor, which by the way broke some national TV rating records, thanks to who else? Stanija Dobrojevic, of course. This short but totally representative Youtube video easily explains why.

Make no mistake however, Stanija is not just another sexy chick and pure product of the lower social classes. She does her thing, just because she feels like it, not for financial purposes. Daughter of one of the most decorated politicians in Serbia and a graduate of economics, Stanija just shares her natural (godly) gifts with all of us because she can. Needless to say that she has become again and again (after tons of requests from the male population of Serbia)a favorite on magazine covers such as MaximFHM, and Playboy. Below are 40 of her hottest photos, to help you get better acquainted.