Sporty Babes Celebrate Tennis Day

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Maria Sharapova, Gisela DulkoDaniela Hantuchova, Ana IvanovicMaria Kirilenko, and Anna Kournikova all share one thing in common, they all play tennis. Or in Anna’s case, they use to play tennis for a brief second many years ago.

That list alone should be reason enough for you to get off your lazy ass and head down to the tennis courts to start playing a game that you don’t have to be good at to enjoy. Much like sex, if you can handle a racquet, you can have fun playing with it.

February 23rd is Tennis Day, honoring Walter Wingfield, who patented the game on this day in 1874. As we are likely to do with any reasonably popular holiday, we’re going to celebrate by looking at a gallery of hot women. Can you blame us?