Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue – Sucks or Rules?

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This may sound crazy, but with internet porn practically spilling out of every home computer in the world and cable networks being oh-so-close to just saying “screw it” and showing bare breasts on national TV, suddenly the yearly Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue seems tame and perhaps old fashioned. On the other hand, with all these smut peddlers running around shakin’ their be-hinds for all the men folk, do we need the simplistic beauty of this annual treasure now more than ever? Nonetheless, it’s a conversation worth having. So we did. But before we get to that, let’s take time out to look at some of the covers that can help you decide for yourself. I give you… exhibit A-D:

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Does the Swimsuit Issue Suck or Rule? The 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is out, but is it still a rite of passage for adolescent boys, or is it simply a tired, dated tradition?  So the Masters of None debate it in our first ever Video Podcast.  Sure we’re ugly, but these ladies we’re talking about sure aren’t. Plus, we taste Jay’s first ever homemade beer, BrewMasters Of None Caucasian Ale. Video and Podcast are NSFW.


Masters of None – 4.2 – Swimsuit Issue – Sucks or Rules

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