National Slave Girl Bikini Day

Leia Slave

Yesterday, a day passed which now gives us an excuse to gratuitously feature the greatest film costume of all time, Slave Leia. October 21st is the shared birthday of both Carrie Fisher and Kim Kardashian. A little bit of study shows that there is a bit more that connect these two women than just the propensity to wear the said greatest film costume of all time.

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Both women were born in southern California. Fisher was born in Beverly Hills. Kardashian was born in Los Angeles proper.

Carrie Fisher was born on October 21st, 1956. Kim Kardashian was born on October 21st, 1980. October 21st, 1980 was actually five months to the day after The Empire Strikes Back was released starring Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia.

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Both women were also famous for having short-lived celebrity marriages. Fisher was married to musician Paul Simon from August 1983 to July of 1984. Kim Kardashian was married to basketball player Kris Humpheries from August to October of 2011. Fisher was 27 at the time of her marriage. Kardashian was 31 at the time of her marriage.

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Both women also were children of wealthy mothers with multiple marriages. Carrie is the daughter of Debbie Reynolds (three marriages). Kim is the daughter of Kris Jenner (two marriages…so far).

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In honor of this, starting in 2013 we are declaring October 21st to be National Slave Girl Bikini Day. Lets face it, there is a day for everything else. Can you imagine a day where women just randomly walk around in Slave Girl Bikinis or post pictures of themselves in Slave Girl Bikinis on Facebook and other sources? It is almost just too perfect.

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