Sit Com Babes : How Hot They Look Now

alyssa milano wife beater 560x420

Ever wonder what became of those cute little daughters from those Sit-Coms of days gone by? Have you been sitting around watching Fresh Prince of Bel Air and asked yourself, “Gee, I question whether or not Tatyana M. Ali blossomed into a sexy young woman or possibly a massive failure?” Well, wonder no longer! Compiled here are the sexiest ladies from 14 different Sit-Coms including The Cosby Show, Blossom, and Punky Brewster so you, finally, can see for yourself just how incredibly hot Soliel Moon Frye and Jenna Von Oy became!

Now most, if not nearly all of these images are of how these gorgeous babes look now (or at the very least, over the past few years) and not how they may have appeared years ago when they might have been, um, significantly less legal. So sit back and enjoy those cute kids and the stunning women they’ve all become. Click on the images to see the names, and you can navigate through the gallery with the controls at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!