Siobhan Parekh : Super-Human Martial Artist?

Siobhan Parekh 01

Siobhan Parekh is an Australian model with a bit of ethnic flair. She is 3/4 Irish, 1/4 Indian, and 100% Hot. She was the winner of FHM’s 2005 Girl Next Door competition, and later became the first Australian to become a playable online game character, appearing as a super-human martial artist in the short-lived MMORPG Fury. That role went a little something like this :


Well aint that a kick to the nuts?

Like many models, you can see a definite increase in her “talent level” when you compare her newest photos to some when she was younger. We’ll just assume she blossomed. For whatever reason, she only has about 600 followers on her Twitter account, but we assume you’ll fix that after you see this gallery.