Sexy Star Wars Anniversary Party

Star Wars 55 560x373

I don’t consider myself a Star Wars nerd. Pretending to be an expert on one of the greatest films of all time would be unfair to all my viewers. However, I will say that I am one of the biggest fans in the history of the George Lucas films.

Since 1977, no other film has made a bigger impact for shaping a culture than Star Wars and I wasn’t around to see it live. But now that I am climbing into my 30’s, I can safely say that I have seen the film more than 50 times and it gets better every time.

On the anniversary of the release of Star Wars in 1977, I have found some of the sexiest Star Wars fans of all time for your enjoyment. Celebrate today with a little beer, a lot of Jedi mind tricks, and some of the hottest babes on the planet.