Sexy Ladies of Administrative Professionals’ Day

Sexy Secretary 560x213In the movies and on television, secretaries aren’t miserable old ladies just waiting to die. They are young, hot, and have a sex drive that would make porn stars jealous.

This week, and specifically today, is for those women. Today was formerly known as Secretaries Day, and modernly labeled as Administrative Professionals’ Day. It’s a holiday specifically for those beautiful secretaries from across the globe that challenge our level of faithfulness on a daily basis.

Secretary2 560x280

It would probably be hard to show up to work everyday with a seductive secretary, or personal assistant if you will, in a short skirt. Even more difficult with all of the modern sexual harassment laws. I would rather not be challenged and just hire a dude instead.

If there was a survey or poll to find which job, held by a female, was responsible for more divorces than the Vatican, it would definitely be the secretary. In honor of that, we present a gallery full of those organized vixens. Although it’s possible some of these young ladies are faking it :