Sexy Hula Hooping on a Friday

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A couple of Hula Hooping videos have been attracting some attention on the Interwebs recently, so we thought we’d share them with you on a Friday afternoon. The first is from Katie Sunshine (pictured above), a Hula Hooper who we’ve previously featured. Here she is enjoying a little bit of Old Crow Medicine Show at the Winfest Music Festival :

If Katie in her yoga pants isn’t hippy enough for you, next up we have an amazing video from Burning Man. A genius named Rob Volkel attached a GoPro camera to a Hula Hoop, and invited some unwashed hotties to get down. The results are simply amazing :

So while those are newer videos, we thought you might enjoy some others, including this little Hooters Girl :

Finally, these girls in a bikini contest don’t seem to have the same level of hoop skill, but they make up for it with their outfits :