Some Sexy Girls of Gambling

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Whether you enjoy a game of blackjack, roulette, Texas hold’em or playing slots machines, you know that poker can be a little tedious. At least if you’re a guy. That’s why we men certainly appreciate a little bit of eye candy in our immediate vicinity. And when the girls are actually good gamblers, that’s just more of a turn-on.

Women have come a long way in our society. We certainly don’t view them as only sexual objects anymore. That may still be the number-one thing, but that’s not the only thing. Give us some credit!

We know women can be just as good as men at any game of chance or skill (that doesn’t require the manly physical attributes we possess, obviously!). But we also know women look a lot better than we do while stacking chips or saying “Hit me.”

Let’s go over five of the hottest gambling gals you’re liable to ever lay your eyes on.

1: Shannon Elizabeth

Shannon Elizabeth

If this were only a poker list, we could leave Miss Elizabeth off, as her hotness is nothing new. She’s been steaming up the place since she burst onto the scene in American Pie, and we’ve all known she’s been one of the hottest poker players since she started gracing the tables in Vegas in skin-tight jeans and those oh, so short shirts. But Shannon’s more than a mere hold’em player. She’s also a very accomplished blackjack player, appearing on two seasons of GSN’s Celebrity Blackjack, and she’s also a fixture in Vegas casinos.

2: Anna Benson

Anna Benson

Anna’s claim to fame wasn’t only the fact that she’s super-mega-smokin’ hot. Sure, that’s 99% of it. But she also married into the limelight when she wed MLB pitcher Kris Benson. Since their split, though, Anna’s been on a media tear, modeling all over the place and even becoming a poker pro. This 5-5 brunette has long lost the stigma of being a baseball wife and is now a legitimate PILF. Player I’d Like to… Yeah, you get it.

3: Liv Boeree

Liv Boeree

Beauty isn’t always synonymous with brains. I don’t think I’m telling tales out of school on that one. But with the gorgeous Liv Boeree, her intelligence is why she’s such a formidable force in the world of gambling now. Before becoming a TV presenter and model in London, Liv studied Astrophysics at the University of Manchester. Most guys probably don’t want to know that, as a girl being that smart is certainly an intimidating thing, but it’s a very cool fact about a very hot girl.

4: Paola Martin

Paola Martin

Born in Costa Rica, this ultra-hot testament to the Caribbean’s ability to churn out perfection left her native land in an attempt to be a Las Vegas bikini model. Much to Paola Martin’s dismay, however, the USA isn’t very appreciative of natural features and an unwillingness to play sleepover with sleazy old men. So instead of traveling back home head in hands, Paola picked up some chips and became an accomplished poker player, even surviving to day 3 in 2009’s WSOP.

5: Kathrin Smyth

Kathrin Smyth

Kathrin makes the list of the hottest gambling girls in the world not because of her ability to best the competition at any particular game, but because she’s an entrepreneur whose talents have given us the strip poker site The site isn’t around anymore, as having a poker site in the USA has become the equivalent of having a speakeasy in the 1920s. But we still appreciate the gorgeous Miss Smyth for her efforts, and most of all her hotness.

The gambling world is absolutely packed with hot women. They’ll take your money and won’t give you a phone number. So just live with it. These five hotties are definitely tops in their respective field, and you better believe that there are plenty more where these came from.