Sexy Earth Day Hippies

Feature Image Sexy Hippies 560x227Aren’t we so lucky that Pot Day (4/20) and Earth Day (4/22) just happen to fall right next to one another? Why are we lucky? Well, aside from marijuana and, um, saving the Earth -if you’re into that kind of stuff- you get one of the biggest and sexiest groups of chicks really digging on both days! That’s right, Hippies!

Hippies love the weed. I mean when’s the last time you saw a real, honest to goodness Hippie who wasn’t actively baked? And, coincidentally, Hippies love the Earth! They are the Flower Children and just enjoy being all grassy and filthy and looking sexy. So, while you enjoy this Earth Day by tossing cans into that orange bin, and if you’re still recovering from Pot Day, why not take a look at a few stunning Hippie Chicks!