Sexy Downblouse Gallery

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One of our favorite things to do at Gunaxin is to admire the female form. Upon that form two of the more popular features are breast one and breast two. Choosing between breast one and breast two is a task too difficult for our great minds, instead we celebrate them both equally. In the past we’ve celebrated viewing them in the guise of underboob, side boob, hand bras, under wet t-shirts, in the name of science, and a myriad of other ways you can search for.

What we haven’t done is celebrate breasts in a more mundane, yet so sexy way. I’m talking about when a woman bends forward and her blouse succumbs to the force of gravity and pulls away giving us a glimpse of what is underneath. Stumbling upon that view in day-to-day life just makes the day so much better. Here we’ve pulled together a gallery to hopefully make your day that much better.