Sexy Cat Women

black cat catwoman 06Don’t even try to deny it, you all now damn well that Cat Women are sexy, sexy chicks. Why is this? Probably because cats themselves -as much as I can’t stand them- proudly carry with them an air of cocky that most men are inadvertently attracted to in actual women. Or, maybe it’s the way Kitties are portrayed when given their more human appearance: somehow more lithe, coquettish, and erotic… but not anthropomorphic to a fault. No, these Cat women are typically 80-90 percent human, but with just enough pussy to really make a dude’s loins squirm. See what I did there? Anyway, check out a bunch of overtly and uncomfortably sexy Cat Women.


From Dr.Who

Catkind are the closest to actual cats on this list. They look remarkably like bi-pedal Earth cats, even going so diversely far as to have different fur colors and pattern variations. But who cares about all that when the chicks of this race are just almost too cute to be comfortable. If you’ve ever wanted to bang a pussy (even if it’s normally akin to parking a bus in a closet) this would likely be your safest bet.


Marvel Comics

hellcatwalker1Once and Avenger and a Defender, Patsy Walker only wanted a costume to make her a little special, but what she got was a whole lot more. After acquiring the cat suit (so sexy), Patsy discovered that it not only made her ‘special’, but practically super-enhanced her already sportsman-like abilities! Awesome. Then, just as it seems to happen with every other being in the comic universe, she was inundated with rays of some kind and soon fully granted Hellcat status! Now there’s a pussy cat we can all get behind… and we want to, too.


DC Comics

730627 316806 56409 cheetah super superTake the oozing sexiness of Wonder Woman and chuck some cat fur on her and you get Barbara Minerva: the super-powered Cheetah! According to the Wiki entry, this feline femme fatale has had more Pre- and Post-Crisis incarnations than her given nine lives, but they still agree that she is the former and current antithesis to Wonder Woman as well as her arch enemy. She’s got claws that scratch and a furry ass to match… bad kitty.

Black Cat

Marvel Comics

blackcat010002THUMBAh Felicia Hardy… The super sexy, leather-clad answer to DC’s Cat Woman is Spider-Man’s enemy/lustful admirer, Black Cat. Though not imbued currently with super powers, Felicia’s human strengths as a former cat burglar and acrobatic assistant to the good guys is more than enough to keep her spry and sprightly and more than able to keep up with the Web Slinger. Thanks in part to Spidey foiling Black Cat’s thievery ploys, she’ll always be in his path. Cuz she’s hot.



Cheetara 560x420What is there to do when you’re the one and only adult female member of an all-male cat-based society dressed in various bits of almost-clothing? Well, if it were me (and I’m not admitting to ever having this image in my head…ever) I would do what all cats to naturally: lick. Each other. A lot. There’s little to argue about Cheetara being a super hot kitty cartoon character,
but there’s even less to deny about her being cat that needs to be rubbed the right way. Man, I have issues…


DC Comics

Catwoman Comics The Many 49d6e4d766177More an Anti-Hero than a true villain, Catwoman has, as has many of DC’s villainesses, undergone several changes and rearranges. Though her most remembered human persona is that of Selina Kyle, he costume and character has bounced around a dozen different ways. Yet, all of this aside, she is still as sexy and feline-feminine as ever. Her portrayal in films has either garnered cheers or jeers, since both Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry have portrayed her. I think you know which was far superior. I prefer Ertha Kitt, but that’s just me. Hot little pussy.


And The Pussycats

josie bandJosie, Melody, and Valerie… quite possibly the hottest trio of cat-like ladies ever to hit TV. Oh sure, none of them were actually cats or even possessed remotely feline-esque abilities, but what they lacked in kitty powers they more than made up for in pussy cat hotness. They were a band who’s ‘alter ego’s’ were enhanced by the inclusion of, “long tails, and ears for hats” and made all the sexier because of them. Oh, and then they went to Outer Space. All sexy in the Cosmos.

Cat Girls


louisecatgirllingerierq8Seriously, those Japanese artists are complete sick and twisted dudes. Well, it’s not like I really needed to tell you that. The point is, they are the masters of taking perfectly normal people and turning them into sex-crazed, half-naked anthropomorphic animals, most specifically, pussy cat kids. They don’t really do anything actually cat-like, but they do wander around groping each other and looking illegally sexy. Pussy people!