The 20 Sexiest NFL WAGS of 2013

COVER e1374801628217 560x285In Europe, the term WAG has been used for quite a few years now to describe the wives and girlfriends of professional athletes. It has grown to be known all over the globe and has found its’ way into the NFL.

From Aaron Rodgers to Jordan Cameron, it doesn’t matter if you are a former MVP or a backup TE with the Cleveland Browns, landing a beautiful woman is just something that NFL players do. It is almost second nature to them. Everyone expects the Tom Bradys of this World to marry supermodels but not too many people would expect a nobody to bring home a mega-hottie. Simply playing in the NFL brings the lovely ladies from all over. We’re not positive about this, but it seems likely the money has something to do with it.

With training camps beginning this week, we thought it would be a good time to take a look at the hottest WAGs of the upcoming 2013 NFL season.

20. Brittany Langdon – Matt Barkley

20 brittany langdon 560x561

19. Destiny Newton – Aaron Rodgers

19 Destiny Newton 560x420

18. Romina Foster – Arian Foster

18 Romina Foster Arian Foster 560x560

17. Samantha Ponder – Christian Ponder

17 samantha ponder

16. Sydney Leroux – JJ Watt

031.5 SYDNEY LEROUX coverphotos 560x358

15. Courtney Eckhart – LaMichael James

15 Courtney Eckhart LaMichael James

14. Elise Pollard – Golden Tate

14 Elise Pollard Golden Tate 560x520

13. Candice Crawford – Tony Romo

13 Candice Crawford 560x840

12. Lauren Tannehill – Ryan Tannehill

12 Lauren Tannehill 560x775

11. Kristin Cavallari – Jay Cutler

11 Kristin Cavallari 560x841

10. Lacey Minchew – Matt Flynn

10 Lacey Minchew Matt Flynn 560x841

9. Kelsi Reich – David Nelson

9 Kelsi Reich 560x373

8. Gisele – Tom Brady

8 Gisele 560x747

7. Anna Welker – Wes Welker

7 Anna Burns Wes Welker 560x696

6. Julie Dorenbos – Jon Dorenbos

6 Julie Dorenbos 560x840

5. Jessie James – Eric Decker

5 jessie james Decker 560x773

4. Lilit Avagyan – Reggie Bush

4 Lilit Avagyan Reggie Bush 560x839

3. Sarah Hinton – Garrett Celek

3 sarah hinton garrett celek 560x836

2. Shenae Saifi – Patrick Willis

2 Shenae Saifi Patrick Willis 560x560

1. Erin Heatherton – Jordan Cameron

1 Erin Heatherton Jordan Cameron 560x754