Selena Gomez: Teenage Gold Digger

header35A lot of  girls only go after guys with money. So what do you do when you’re a nineteen year old girl who’s already worth nearly four million dollars? The answer is you date a guy worth one hundred million. Selena Gomez is reportedly worth four million and she’s not even old enough to drink. When we were nineteen we were still asking our parents to borrow the car. Selena can just go out and buy a dealership. You got to be packing some serious dough to attract a girl like this. It’s a good thing Selena’s current boyfriend, Justin Bieber has a nine figure bank account cause he couldn’t get a girl like Selena with his masculinity alone. This may be why Selena is reportedly pushing Justin to tie the knot, she’s already counting the money from the divorce settlement. To keep up with Selena Gomez’s high price love life you can follow her on Twitter.