Sarah Savage: Manziel’s Other Trophy

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It’s good to win the Heisman Trophy. In Texas, it’s actually great. Johnny Manziel is not only the first freshman to ever win the award. He has also taken the time to get to know, love and appreciate… the personality of Texas A&M marketing senior Sarah Savage. Savage has also signed with the Avant Agency out of San Antonio who describes her as… experienced on the runway.

Sarah Savage 2

It’s nice to know that young men can look past looks and see the deeper beauty in an individual.

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Lets just take a moment to understand the importance of good dental habits.

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Sarah is on the right. No word on how… experienced on the runway the other two girls are. We would guess that they are at least familiar.

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Not just a pretty face, Sarah totally has like interests and stuff.

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Yeah, we went to college… and it was nothing like this either. It’s good to be Johnny Manziel.

Sarah Savage 7