Sarah Carter : Sultry Skitter Shooter

Sarah Carter 01 560x297Falling Skies on TNT is far from the best show on Television, heck it’s not even the best post-apocalyptic show on TV currently. It is however fun summer viewing, and fills the void until some of our favorites return in the fall. Much like the Walking Dead, the tastiest bit of eye candy on the show happens to be named Maggie.

Meet Sarah Carter, a lady who is becoming quite the Nerd Princess. Her roles in Smallville, DOA: Dead or Alive, and Shark have led her to become an integral member of the Falling Skies cast, portraying Margaret. Her character is a Fighter in the 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment and was formerly a member of Pope’s Gang, against her will. She is likely headed towards a romantic relationship with another character on the show which will hopefully heat up this summer.