Sabrina Ferilli: The Italian Volcano

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Believe it or not, the lady that you are already watching (closely we bet) is nearly 50 years old. Well OK, maybe in the specific photo she’s a little younger, but she’s likely over 40 in that photo as well. Sabrina Ferilli was born in Rome back in the summer of 1964 and even though she has been an awarded and acclaimed actress for over 25 years now, she’s adored and loved for two things : a) You can clearly see the first reason and b) her love and passion for A.S. Roma football club.


Sabrina made a promise back in the late 90’s. Disappointed, as most fans of the team had been for many years, she promised during a live TV show that if Roma won the “Scudetto” (Italian Championship) she would walk naked on the podium of winners, in front of 80,000 “tifosi” (fans) during the trophy ceremony. Sabrina (almost) kept her promise in 2001 when Roma finally won the championship, when she walked out in front of 80,000 fans holding the team’s flag. Unfortunately she made sure to “lightly” cover a few parts of her sexy body. The fans of course loved her for that either way and she became a fan-symbol since then.

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As for the rest of Italian football fans? They love her the same, if not more. To get an idea how much they love her, keep in mind that in a recent poll, in which males of ages from 15 up to 40 participated, were asked to name only one popular Italian woman they love and 57% of them stated that Sabrina Ferilli is the most loved Italian woman.

Sabrina was born in Rome, she is a dedicated fan of Roma and it looks like she has one more common thing with the city of Rome too: she’s eternally sexy, just like the glorious city is known to be the “eternal city”.