Rhian Sugden: Hot Brit Gets Ballsy


We all know that advertising can be misleading, but a new ad starring super sexy Rhian Sugden takes it to a whole other level. In the British ad to promote testicular cancer awareness, a scantily clad Rhian asks, “Now do you wanna see me touch myself?”. At this point if you’re a man with a pulse, you’re on the edge of your seat and screaming “YES!!!!” Then the camera slowly pans down her gorgeous body, and it stops at her panties. Just as the male audience is about to explode, she pulls out a big hairy sac and shows us how to check for lumps. We’re pretty much scarred by the video, but at least it got our attention and we’re certainly aware of testicular cancer now. You can follow Rhian Sugden on Twitter and we promise that there’s no surprises in her hot gallery below.