Reese Zoppelt of the Lingerie Football League

Reese Zoppelt LFL 081 174x300Reese Zoppelt is the Captain of the Lingerie Football League’s Miami Caliente. She is slated to play Safety and Running back when the season begins against the Chicago Bliss on September 4th at The Sears Centre. They play full contact, 7 on 7 football, in lingerie uniforms. You can find Reese on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and in our Six Questions interview. She has also been interviewed more extensively by our friends over at InGameNow. According to her Myspace page, Reese also works for Round Up Country Night Club, which I assume is where the photo to the right came from. On her Facebook page, she describes herself as a pro athlete, model, journalist, comedian, smiler, & student.You can also see Reese featured in the video below, from the Miami Caliente Tryouts:

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