Ravishing Women Wearing Red

Wear Red Day 73 e1358904755538Red is a sexy color. It represents passion, lust, anger, heat, and love. There are only a few colors that can have multiple meanings but none of them can do what red does.

It is hard to tell what a woman is trying to say when wearing red. If you see a woman in red she might be loving, passionate, and full of joy. On the other hand, she just might be the devil inside and is not to be trusted. You have to walk cautiously around those beautiful ladies in red.

Today, it may be a bit easier to understand the intention though. As women wearing red are taking a stand against the #1 killer of women, heart disease, with National Wear Red Day. So sit back and enjoy the sights of National Wear Red Day but make sure to look both ways when approaching any of these temptress as you never quite know who to trust.