Rachel Wray : Cheerleader Warrior

Rachel Wray 1

Former Kansas City Cheerleader Rachel Wray has decided to throw her hat into the Mixed Martial Arts ring hoping to one day make it to the UFC Octagon. The moment we saw this story, we realized that the internet would be gloriously littered with photos of a hot chick with an itch to fight.

Normally, Miss Wray would be relegated to comparisons to the former Food Network Star / Talk Show Host Rachael Ray. Although we would love to see Ray throw down with Bobby Flay, Rachel Wray is a totally different chick.

Gone are the days when former cheerleaders who want to kick ass have to satisfy that urge by going through a trailer park saying “Bitch, stay away from my man!” The possibility now exists that we can pay to see her say “Bitch, stay away from my man!” on pay per view that is not Jerry Springer. This is a glorious day and here are the glorious pictures.

Apparently, this fighting chick is a fan of the University of Arkansas so she’s going in whole hog. Thank you. Thank you…. God.

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Rachel Wray 3

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