The 50 Most Popular Female Halloween Costumes

GroupCostume2017 EvilVixen e1508903123466 560x276Every October, hundreds of thousands of women begin to prepare for the one night of the year, Halloween night, in which they are allowed to wear practically nothing without ever being called slutty, trashy, or easy. It’s like all women get a hall pass to be allowed to wear as little clothing as they want without having to deal with negative repercussions.

GroupCostume2017 Fairytale e1508903153364 560x274

Over the years, that clothing has become less and less until all that is left is basically nothing but a bikini. Retail stores are on board with this too and have created costumes such as the Sexy Nun, which is nothing more than a black bikini with a white rim around the neck. Or maybe it is simply adding the word slutty in front of the costume. So instead of saying teacher, they become a slutty teacher and turn their costume into a mini skirt and possibly a bikini top. The less clothing, the better. Some women can even get away with wearing a pair of mouse ears while rocking a pair of bra and panties just to call themselves a sexy, or slutty, mouse.

GoodGuysandBadGuys e1508903824304 560x283

Regardless of what the ladies are calling their costumes, it has become one of the greatest days of the year for all mankind simply because the word sexy, or slutty, is widely accepted by females which includes your significant other. It becomes the easiest time of the year for a man to convince his girlfriend to dress up, or down, in your favorite costume.

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In honor of the greatest day of the year, Halloween, we wanted to put together a list of the 50 sexiest, and most popular, female costumes of all time. This dates back several years and features the best of the best in sexy costumes.

50) Circus Ringleader

50 560x896

49) Princess Warrior

49 560x699

48) Sexy Firefighter

48 560x746

47) Stewardess

47 560x840

46) 70’s Hippie Chick

46 560x1061

45) Devious Nun

45 560x774

44) Playboy Bunny

44 560x757

43) Rocker Chick

43 560x815

42) School Teacher

42 560x748

41) 1920’s Flapper Girl

41 560x800

40) Witches

40 560x560

39) Sexy Zombie

39 560x753

38) German Beer Girl

38 560x840

37) Genie in a Bottle

37 560x560

36) Navy Pilot (Top Gun)

36 560x560

35) Evil Devil

35 560x843

34) Innocent Angel

34 560x840

33) Catwoman


32) Sandy (Grease)

32 560x566

31) Mario (Super Mario Bros)

31 560x842

30) Prison Inmate

30 560x560

29) Belly Dancer

29 560x797

28) Vampire


27) Sexy Baseball Player

27 560x800

26) Tribal Temptress

26 560x747

25) Ninja Striker

25 560x558

24) Burlesque

24 560x1008

23) Lifeguard (Baywatch)

23 560x560

22) Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)


21) Princess Leia (Star Wars)

21 560x936

20) Strawberry Shortcake

20 560x840

19) Sexy Ghost

19 560x830

18) Dorothy (Wizard of Oz)

18 560x922

17) Sexy Pirate Wench

17 560x840

16) Poison Ivy (DC Comics)

16 560x354

15) Minnie Mouse (Disney)

15 560x624

14) Police Officer

14 560x836

13) French Maid


12) Wonder Woman (DC Comics)

12 560x753

11) Marilyn Monroe

11 560x840

10) Ariel (The Little Mermaid)


Although she did not have any legs because she is a mermaid, Ariel remains among the sexiest, and top selling costumes for women. It could be the red hair, the bikini top, or just the fact that most men who saw the movie as a kid remember how Ariel made them feel. But Ariel isn’t the only redhead that has become one of the most popular costumes ever…

9) Jessica Rabbit

9 560x925

Is there a bigger tease than Jessica Rabbit? It is not the easiest costume to pull off because a woman needs the perfect body size in order to make this one work. They need a combination of long legs, busty chest, and skinny waist, in order to create the perfect Jessica Rabbit.

8) Snow White (Disney’s Snow White)


Snow White is sweet, kind, and generous. She is the first Disney princess and has been around for nearly 80 years. But in the last 20 years or so, someone created a sexy version of Snow White and it became an instant sensation among women looking for that slutty Disney costume.

7) Alice (Alice in Wonderland)

7 560x799

Alice from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland wasn’t a princess but that did not stop her from becoming the second most popular Disney character to be turned into a sexy Halloween costume. After the release of the most recent Alice movies, the costume has risen up the ranks and will remain in the top ten until Disney can create something else for men to desire.

6) Harley Quinn (DC Comics)

6 560x675

After the release of Suicide Squad last summer, the Harley Quinn costume has become the most popular of the past two years. Thanks to Margot Robbie’s depiction of the character, the costume has taken a new design that is even sexier than the rest.

5) Tinkerbell (Disney)

5 560x840

Men are odd creatures. We tend to like things that are not normal, or even human. Tinkerbell is a Disney fairy that can fly and is super small yet when a woman puts on the costume, men fall to their knees in admiration. The one issue men have with Tinkerbell is that she is technically yellow and if a woman decides to go all out and paint herself yellow too, it tends to turn off that sexy side of the costume.

4) Cheerleader

4 560x560

As you will soon find out, some of the sexiest and most popular costumes for women, ever, are also the most simple and easiest to rock. The cheerleader costume has always been popular with men and continues to be one of the top-selling costumes each and every Halloween.

3) Little Red Riding Hood

3 560x1008

Try not to get too lost in the story of Little Red Riding Hood here but this is easily one of the most popular Halloween costumes. It is the combination of three things that have turned Little Red Riding Hood into one of the most popular costumes of all time. The skirt, hood, and red hair combine to become a slutty and exotic combination that drives men crazy every October.

2) Sexy Nurse

2 560x800

Men love to be taken care of. Regardless of what they say, a man will always enjoy someone taking care of him, especially when he is in the hospital. The idea that a sexy nurse can fulfill that need has made this costume very popular for many years.

1) School Girl

1 560x746

There is something to say about a beautiful woman dressed up in a plaid skirt that makes men crazy. It reminds men of growing up and chasing girls for the first time in their lives only this time, they are adults. At some point in time, the sexiest, and most popular costume among women became a schoolgirl outfit and who better to show it off than Stacey Keibler?