Paulina Rubio: The Golden Girl

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This 17th of July, the latin bombshell, singer, and actress most often confused with Shakira is turning 42 years old. Out of those years, Paulina Rubio has dedicated 32 to show business. She debuted as part of the band Timbiriche where she remained for a decade and then went on to become a solo artist commonly known as the “Golden Girl”.

Paulina Rubio (Twitter) has sold approximately 20 million records and has recorded many albums such as La Chica Dorada, 24 Kilates, El Tiempo es Oro, Planeta Paulina, Paulina, Border Girl, Pau-latina, Ananda and Grand City Pop.

Not content with an absurdly long and successful career as the queen of latin pop, she’s also worked as an actress. Starting in 1983 when she had a small part on the film El Día del Compadre and later on the musical Vaselina, after which came a few parts in soap operas.