Paula Creamer : U.S. Women’s Open Champion

Paula Creamer 15 200x300Paula Creamer won the U.S. Women’s Open Championship over the weekend in Pittsburgh, PA. It was the first major championship for this 23 year old beauty, so for that, we figured we would honor her with a gallery of photos. But first let’s hear a little bit about her performance :

Countless players participating in practice rounds for the 65th U.S. Women’s Open came off a brutally difficult Oakmont golf course shaking their heads and worrying how they might avoid being embarrassed. Paula Creamer, on the other hand, never let anyone see her sweat, or grimace or complain about much of anything, from the start of her week to its fabulous finish.

Certainly few could have blamed her if she did. After all, she was playing her fourth straight tournament since returning to the LPGA Tour from thumb surgery at the end of March. She missed the cut the week earlier in Toledo, and her thumb was so sore and swollen, she was not even allowed to hit balls off the ground at the practice range until she arrived here for the tournament.

You can read more from that link above, but essentially it goes on like this :

It seemed perfectly fitting that Creamer would finally break through for her first major championship on a sprawling, brawling golf course located in an area that has always taken immense pride in its tough-guy pro football team and its shot-and-a-beer, blue-collar Steel City work ethic.

So yeah, a bit dramatic by the writer, but Paula did play an impressive weekend of golf to take the title, so for that, we salute her :