The Parody Singer Better than What She’s Mocking

fuck me ray bradbury

You don’t have to be old to appreciate the fact that pop music is considered of dubious value. Everyone and their dog has some complaints about the autotune process by now, the lyrics are at least 1% worse than they were in past decades, and one of its stars is Chris Brown. Fortunately there are people that can provide the genre some much-needed class, poise, and honesty, like Rachel Bloom here:

Rachel Bloom

Well, honesty anyway.

What praises for this exceptional artist can be sung that haven’t already been by her? Bloom’s work not only features top tier vocal work in a wide range of genres and side-splitting comedy, her videos possess high visual quality and huge attention to detail. To illustrate all three of the first claims we’ll take a look at some of her videos. First here’s her video “Jazz Fever” which features gorgeous vintage-style camera work:

and here’s “Pictures of Your Dick”

As you can see if you bother to watch them (and if you can’t, then you deserve to not be able to understand what I’m talking about) she can change musical styles like a shirt. But unfortunately only two of her videos seem to have gone viral so far: the NSFW “Fuck Me Ray Bradbury”

and “You Can Touch My Boobies”

Anyone could have told you that the reason why these both became such hits was because of the cultural fixation with Hebrew school and Ray Bradbury’s S is for Space short story anthology. And while these are far and away her biggest successes on Youtube, she’s also had significant success in mainstream media. She’s written numerous sketches for the hit Adult Swim show Robot Chicken such as this piece sung by Ke$ha:

Of course there’s also been her work for programs like Allen Gregory, but the final result there was so godawful and universally despised that she probably doesn’t want that mentioned. In fact, now that I think about it, neither do we, probably. Hopefully that first sentence in this paragraph will be taken out before it goes up on the page.


So all that having hopefully convinced you of her comedic chops and musical merit, please make sure to check out her Facebook page for more info. You should especially check out her newish album “Please Love Me“, so far the only album in the world with this cover:

Rachel Bloom