Olivia Munn in Iron Man 2

Olivia Munn 560x239Ms. Olivia Munn, how we love you so.  She’s been playing the sexy geek role for a number of years on Attack of the Show and has been dabbling in acting, but now she’s about to hit the big time with a role in Iron Man 2. It’s not a big role, and it isn’t disclosed just yet what she’ll be doing, but she IS in the movie.

Continuing our series of galleries (see Scarlett Johansson in part 1) focused on the actresses in the movie, our second gallery focuses on the delectable Olivia Munn.

There is some debate if Olivia Munn is seriously a geek or is just playing one, but one thing that isn’t debatable is that she is hot! Olivia isn’t afraid to show us her stuff, she’s done Cosplay at Comic-Con, been on the cover of Playboy and had pictorials in many men’s magazines.  She has that vibe that make men want to hang with her as a bud, is a mega-fan of pie, does a mean truffle shuffle (see video below) and even dated Captain Freakin’ Kirk. Did we mention she’s super hot?  Don’t believe us?  See the exhibits below for proof.